---- Tues 12th October General Meeting Ancient Sacred Language - Part 2 By Renée Jonas.

In this PowerPoint presentation, we shall endeavour to lift part of the veil of the Ancient Mysteries and search into their united use of a type of sacred language. We hope to view some of their symbols and to generally speculate on some of the reasons for their public demise, leaving only seemingly exoteric rituals, and to teach for any legacies they may have left.

Tues- 19th Oct General Meeting. Tibet – Exploring Rituals & Magic- Alexandra David Neal.

In this PowerPoint presentation, we will journey with Alexandra David Neal, a Belgian–French explorer, who wrote over 30 books about Eastern religion, including Magic and Mystery in Tibet. We follow her as she wanders through Tibet and investigates the development and considerations for any novice, monk, shaman or initiate. Surely, a fascinating journey through this mysterious land of mountains and monasteries that once was the epicentre of spirituality around the world.

Past Program.